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TriFit is an endurance and multisport specific strength and fitness program. This unique program incorporates functional strength and plyometric training with endurance and multisport workouts to maximize your performance on race day!

Improving strength and skill can benefit multisport and endurance athletes in many ways. Our intelligent and progressive program is an investment that will return dividends on the work you put in. We will focus on exercises, movements, and muscle groups that are not sport-specific as well as sport specific exercises such as core work, drills, techniques and plyometric routines.

Winter 2015-2016 TriFit

More strength can decrease the risk of injury, prepare the body to handle a greater load, and improve performance. The strength you develop will serve as the backbone to helping you become an injury free stronger overall athlete, which allows you to handle a greater workload (i.e. more intensity and/or greater mileage).

Date: Monday and Wednesday evenings from November 16 to March 30*.

Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm**.

Location: Amherst/UB Area.


Payment Methods: Credit Card or PayPal

* Excluding holidays and other closures.
** Time may change during holidays and special events.