TriFit is an endurance and multisport specific strength and fitness program. This unique program incorporates functional strength and plyometric training with endurance and multisport workouts to maximize your performance on race day!

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At TriVault we believe that coaching and training athletes is an art and a science that guides each individual athlete's journey. Our specialty is seeing the potential in someone and having the ability to teach and motivate them. We develop an athlete to their potential by understand each individual's strengths and limitations. Great coaching is great teaching. We educate and empower athletes based on a holistic view of increasing performance. Coaching requires knowing the specific physical and mental demands of competition. It is also important to understand all of the challenges that will be encountered by the athlete during the course of the season. The ability to provide athletes with knowledge and experience translates to success for the athlete. Experience the TriVault difference today!

  • Certified coaches and trainers

  • Educated and experienced with an understanding of:

    • physiology and biomechanics

    • daily and sport nutrition

    • training program design

    • sport psychology

  • Training for all levels and distances

  • Teams open to all...not just "elite" athletes

  • Learn from those who have raced the events in which you want to participate

  • Male and female coaches and trainers for your comfort and convenience

  • Coaches specifically trained and certified to work with adult and youth athletes